Your Vision is
our Mission.

We aim to create a conversational chatbot that acts as your personal assistant, helping you improve efficiency, increase sales and automate your business. 

Facebook Chatbot

The Process of creating your chatbot

Facebook Chatbot

Step 1:
Business Assessment

- Map out process flows with stakeholders.
- Conceptualize the bot personality.
- Sharing of experience and best practices.
- Design sign off.

Facebook Chatbot

Step 2:
Data Gathering

- Ingestion of knowledge base data, support tickets, emails and FAQ's.
- Review existing API documentation.
- Internal testing for trained FAQ's.

Facebook Chatbot

Step 3:
NLP & Machine Learning

- Tuning of intent language and terminology.
- Conversation data labelling and analysis.
- Continuous re-training of collected data set.

Facebook Chatbot

Step 4:
Bot Development

- Configuration of flow design.
- Integration with existing systems: CRM, knowledge base, contact centre support,
and payment gateway.
- Installation of analytics tool.
- Configuration of bot dashboard.

Facebook Chatbot

Step 5:
User Acceptance Testing

- Conduct System Integration Tests.
- Prepare User Acceptance Test (UAT) plan.
- Conduct UAT.
- Key user training & UAT signoff.

Facebook Chatbot

Step 6:

- Go live.
- Post Support.

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