BNP Paribas
Wealth Management Chatbot

BNP Paribas Wealth Management Chatbot acts as a financial assistant, constantly updating users with the latest stock and company news. This bot is targeted towards busy individuals and investors that want a fast, easy way to track specific stock prices. Instead of researching online or reading lengthy news articles, save time by directly asking the bot for real time updates on a stock’s status as well a general overview of the market.

Chatbot Capabilities and Features

Provides Information

Relays latest information regarding a particular stock; answer FAQs on stocks and gives updates on company news.

Tracks Customer Portfolio and its Performance

Enables customers to strategically plan and study market trends.

Conducts Secure Stock Purchases

Able to place limit, push/short options, and market buy/sell orders in real time.

Sets up Appointments with a Wealth Manager

Provides professional advice on customer investment portfolios.

Track Favorited Stocks and Trends

Follows price movements and gives users access to trends they’re interested in.


24/7 and infinitely scalable; increases efficiency by allowing users to follow the stock market by asking the bot for updates.

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More Business Use Cases

Chatbots hold huge potential to automate customer service interaction processes across any industry. They suit your business needs for any purpose, task and platform. 

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Wealth Management Chatbot

Besides answering inquiries on current stock prices and displaying market news. The financial Assistant Chatbot can expand to help your users check their account balances and even complete transactions. Our chatbots abide to high levels of security compliance so your customers can feel secure.

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Customize Your Chatbot

Any task across any industry, all within a single chat. 

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