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Our Holiday Tours Flight Ticketing Chatbot has drastically decreased the time required to book a flight in comparison to using travel consultants. By delivering numerous options to customers based on their price, layover, and airline preferences, users are able to request an email of their favorite options, helping them find the right flights to purchase. Save customer’s time and save consultant’s time with this smartbot; choose efficiency.

Chatbot Capabilities and Features

Provides Information

Informs users about flight options, schedules and prices and provides details about layovers.

Saves User Data

Saves customers time by remembering their preferences from previous flights.

More Customizable

Customize and filter searches based on arrival or departure time, price, flexibility, layover option, and airline preference, creating a more personalized experience.

Professional Emails

Pulls all relevant flight information to your email for further use in an organized and readable manner.

Greater Efficiency

Drastically makes the process more efficient compared to using travel consultants by helping users quickly narrow down their options.


24/7 flight viewing, infinitely scalable, and natural language compatible.

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More Business Use Cases

Chatbots hold huge potential to automate customer service interaction processes across any industry. Smartbots suit your business needs for any purpose, task and platform. 

AI Chatbot

Hotel Concierge

Guests get frustrated waiting over the phone when they try to reach your front desk. Attend their requests immediately with our Hotel Concierge chatbot. It responds instantly to questions about your hotel's facilities and services, and sends requests for room service, housekeeping and more to the front desk for their action.

AI Chatbot

Travel Insurance Chatbot

Otherwise known as “Jiffy Jane,” this chatbot can assist your customers in buying a travel insurance plan in a jiffy. Zumata’s AI powered chatbot can inform users of different travel plans and promotions, helping customers choose the right plan for them. Chatbots save you money and your customers’ time while waiting for workers to pick up calls.

AI Chatbot

Vacation Package Chatbot

Ready to Tour Chatbot handles the browsing and purchase process and takes care of your customers' enquiries throughout their trip. Let your customers access their itinerary on the go and receive information on weather, currency, recommended events and attractions in the vicinity and more.

AI Chatbot

Wealth Management Chatbot

Besides answering inquiries on current stock prices and displaying market news. The financial Assistant Chatbot can expand to help your users check their account balances and even complete transactions. Our chatbots abide to high levels of security compliance so your customers can feel secure.

AI Chatbot

Credit Card Advisor Chatbot

With so many credit cards available, your customers are being spoilt for choice. Let the Credit Card Advisor Chatbot take over as your sales representative. Recommend cards which suit users' needs best, based on area of spending, income, rewards and more to convert them into your loyal card user.

AI Chatbot

Personal Shopper Chatbot

Help your customers through the discovery state of browsing products. make personalized recommendations that suit your style, size, budget and complete their payment within the same conversation. Give your consumers a seamless shopping experience and grow your sales.

Customize Your Chatbot

Any task across any industry, all within a single chat. 

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